Stanley/DeWalt to New #19 Team

Stanley/DeWalt has been announced as the primary sponsor for the new #19 car at Alexi Alejandra Racing, and for teammate Casey Blandford's #20 car. Stanley will sponsor the #19 for approximately 12 races, while DeWalt will sponsor 6 events on the #20 team, filling a good chunk of the void left by Home Depot at … Continue reading Stanley/DeWalt to New #19 Team

Lisa Hawker Leaving Cup Series

Inga Miller Motorsports driver Lisa Hawker will be leaving the #9 car for 17-18, and possibly going to another series. Hawker is looking at attempting V8 Supercars in Australia, and is also considering rides in the Red Rocket Truck Series, as well as ARCA. The team will announce a replacement driver at a later date. … Continue reading Lisa Hawker Leaving Cup Series