BHS Motorsports to Make Changes

Several Changes are in the works at BHS Motorsports for the 2017-2018 season. While the team plans to make a major, official, announcement on June 15, the rumor mill has been running full steam ahead with the team. Rumored changes include Fred Martin and Michelle Mostiler leaving for other teams, while Ben Maloch is rumored to be switching car numbers. Team Penske driver Trent Varner is rumored to be moving to the team as well.

While there are no clear answers regarding drivers, there are also no clear answers regarding many of the team’s major sponsors, including long-time partners, Sonic and Nabisco. Sonic ran a very reduced schedule with the #92 car last season, going from a primary sponsor in several races down to just a handful, though they are expected to be back. Nabisco was the full-time sponsor for Fred Martin’s #89 machine through the end of the 2014-2015 season, but they too are expected to be back in some capacity.

For the #92 team, one sponsor, Publix, is confirmed to return for the typical 10 race line-up for the races in the southern States where the supermarkets can be found.

Even team owner Nick Dilbeck is looking at options, with some rumors having him stepping down as a full-time driver, or perhaps swapping cars as well.

The team’s scheduled announcement for June 15 is said to be all inclusive, with the driver line-up, primary sponsors, and crew chiefs all to be finalized by then.

The team will also be announcing it’s Nuka-Cola Series line up, and potentially a Truck Series line up as well, but nothing has been confirmed with those as of yet.


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