BHS Motorsports becomes ND Racing – Announces 17-18 Plans

ND Racing, formerly known as BHS Motorsports, has announced the team’s plans for 2017-2018, including the team’s driver line up for the upcoming season.

The team will complete a major restructuring by the time Daytona rolls around at the end of next month, and in that process will change names from BHS Motorsports, as the team has been known since it’s founding in 2007, to ND Racing. Team owner Nick Dilbeck explained that the change is geared toward a fresh start for the 2017-2018 season. “We’re looking at it as if we are starting over again. We’ve got new drivers, new sponsors, new crew members, why not change the name too.”

The other most notable change to the team is the driver line up.

Returning to the #28 is driver Ben Maloch, who, upon joining the team in 2014a, signed a three season deal, which runs through the end of 2017-2018. Maloch’s primary sponsor Old Spice will return to the car as well. JBL Audio will also return to sponsor the car in select races. Other brands under the Proctor and Gamble label (which owns Old Spice) are expected to sponsor the car in a handful of events as well, some through brand-to-brand sponsorship. The team has appointed Jack McGuire to be the crew chief of the #28 Ford.

Two new drivers join ND Racing for 2017-2018 and will drive cars #85 and #89.

Joshua Wilkinson moves from Roush-Fenway Racing to join the #85 team. Wilkinson also brings a new sponsor to the Cup Series, Scuba Life, which will be the primary sponsor on the #85 for at least the Daytona 500, and possibly additional races, which have yet to be announced. Additional sponsors for the #85 car will be announced at a later date, while former team sponsor Hershey/Reese’s moves to the #92 car. The team announced Tim Holsinger as the crew chief for the #85 car.

Joining the team and driving car #89 is Trent Varner, who returns to the Cup Series after his first ride with R3 Motorsports’ #23 closed down at the end of the 2013A season. Varner had been running Nuka-Cola Series cars for Team Penske through the end of last season. The team returns with Nabisco sponsorship, with Ritz Crackers and Oreo being featured on the car for approximately 20 races. No additional sponsors have been announced at this time to cover the remaining 16 races. Ross Brown has been chosen as the crew chief for this team.

Nick Dilbeck, who finished fourth in the Chase for the Championship last season, moves to the #92 team, and brings sponsors Hershey’s and Reese’s to the team. Hershey’s/Reese’s will sponsor the car in 26 events, and will serve as associate sponsors for the other 10 events. Publix Supermarkets will return to sponsor the car in 10 races. Michael Dilbeck moves with Nick to return as crew chief.

ND Racing plans to announce Nuka-Cola and Red Rocket Truck Series plans, as well as additional Cup Series sponsors, later this month.


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