Corvega Clash Format is Set

The Corvega Cup Series kicks off the 2017-2018 season with the Corvega Clash, an exhibition, non-points race. For this season, major changes are coming to the race format, which has varied each year of it’s existence, and the race will return to it’s roots.

Previously, the format has varied each season, from a two segment race of 20 and 50 laps, to a three segment race of 20, 25, and 30 laps. This season, the race will be two segments, the first consisting of 25 laps, and the second segment 50 laps, for a 75 lap total, as it was last season. A pit stop is mandatory in the second segment.

The bigger change lies in who is eligible. This season, only drivers who won a pole in the 2014-2015 season, and previous winners of the Clash are eligible. Previously, past series Champions, as well as Daytona winners have been included, but not this season. This change excludes a few drivers, such as former Daytona 500 winner Cindi Warner, as well as defending Cup Champion Jay Pfluke. The departure of including Chase drivers from the previous season also excludes other top drivers Matthew Adams, John Williams, and Valerie Cabanilla, who each made the Chase for the Championship last season.

Based on the eligibility rules for 2017-2018, here are the drivers who are eligible, along with how they qualified (most recent listed):

Trevor Clark (Daytona 500)

Brendan Wolkowicz (Dover)

Mary Capuzello (Las Vegas)

Kenny Turner (Charlotte II)

Joe Reynolds (Homestead)

Nik Kustak (Eight Bowl)

Joanna Ryba (Martinsville I)

Fred Martin (Sonoma)

Michelle Mostiler (Darlington)

Inga Miller (Coke 600)

Urban Jaklin (Kansas I)

Joseph Tanner (Hillside)

Lora Williams (Rimouski I)

Nick Dilbeck (Texas II)

Ben Smith (Kansas II)

Ben Maloch (New Hampshire)

Philip von Borries (Pocono)

Hunter Richardson (Bristol II)

Blake Turner (Atlanta)

Kirby Ammons (Mosport)

Zachary Maloney (Talladega II)

Casey Blandford (Martinsville II)

TJ Howard (14-15 event winner)

Joshua Wilkinson (2014a event winner)

Michelle Dilbeck (2013a event winner)


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