DeShields and Devore Swap Rides for 17-18.

BK Racing has announced that drivers Marissa DeShields and Ishesha Devore will swap teams for the 2017-2018 season. DeShields will pilot the #23, while Devore will move to the #83.

After running the team’s #83 since the league’s inception, DeShields will move to the #23 team, with the hope of helping that car improve performance. Moving with DeShields will be crew chief Joe Williams, who was atop the pit box of the #83 team late in the 2014-2015 season. No sponsors for the #23 have been announced, but it is expected that Dr. Pepper will return in some capacity.

Meanwhile, Ishesha Devore will move to the team’s current flagship car. Dustless Blasting will serve as the sponsor for the Daytona 500, as well as both Talladega races. No additional sponsors were announced. A crew chief has yet to be announced for Devore as well.

The team plans to announce a driver for the team’s #26 car later this week, with an announcement planned for Friday, 7/21. It’s rumored that Britton Baker will be joining the team with that car.

As for crew chiefs, an announcement on Devore’s crew chief should come Friday as well, per the team’s press release. It’s unclear whether Dave Winston, Devore’s crew chief last season on the #23 team, will swap like Joe Williams did, or if she will have a brand new crew chief. It’s also possible that Winston could move to the #26, or perhaps be out of the team all together, due to the struggling performance his #23 team put on last season.


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