12 Questions with Trent Varner

12 Questions will be a weekly series where a Corvega Cup Series driver will be interviewed, and their answers will be posted below. Think of it as a “get to know the drivers” so to speak. The first driver to be interviewed is Trent Varner, who returns to the Cup Series as a full-time driver, for ND Racing’s #89 team. Here’s this week’s interview with Trent down below.

1) What is an errand or chore you do in your daily life people might be surprised to learn you do?

I always go for a daily jog if I can.

How far do you usually go?

At least 1 mile.

2) If you could do any race over again, which race would you choose?

I can’t remember the race it was, but I know I had a race where I crashed and ended up where I was today, not qualified (referencing not being eligible for the Corvega Clash).

But you’ve qualified for every points race you’ve attempted.

It’s been a while (laughs). I have forgotten a few.

3) At the start of this season, exactly 76 drivers have raced in the Corvega Cup Series. Where do you rank among those 76?

Well I’d say middle of the pack, so 38. I need to improve a lot to get to the top.

Do you think that’ll happen this season with your new team (joining ND Racing for 17-18)?

Yes, I have lots of hope.

What gives you the most hope to improve?

Just a better team will help to improve things. A new start.

4) What do you think your reputation is – and is that reputation accurate?

I’m not sure what my reputation is (laughs). Hope it’s good. If it is good, it is. If it’s bad, that’s a straight lie.

So you’re saying it’s good?

Do you agree that it is a good reputation?

I’m not agreeing or denying, I’m just responding to what you said.

Then yes.

5) A famous chef wants you to invest in the new restaurant he’s opening, but he wants you to pick the cuisine. What type of food would your restaurant serve?

An Italian restaurant.

Do you have a favorite Italian dish?

Chicken fettuccine alfredo.

6) A fan spots you eating dinner in a nice restaurant. Should they come over for an autograph or no?

Of course they should come over and ask for an autograph, I am not going to say no. Well, unless they ask during the middle of eating. I might be a bit annoyed with that. Just before or after the meal.

7) What is the most daring thing you’ve done outside of racing?

I jumped off a cliff that was more than 40 feet to the water. Let’s just say that it wasn’t fun after I had water shoot up my nose.

Wow. 40 feet? Was that not terrifying?

Yes it was terrifying at first but once you do it the thrill is the best part. I’d do it again as long as I remember to breath out before hitting the water.

8) Who is the last driver you talked to?

Let’s be honest, I don’t talk to any of the other drivers.

Does not talking to the other drivers help you block out distractions, like rivalries?

Well I thought it would help out but I am still not doing as well as I should be. Maybe I need to reverse that and start talking smack to the other drivers.

So you’d rather create rivalries?

We’ll see how I do after this season. If I do better, I won’t, but if not, well, expect some changes.

9) Do you consider race car drivers to be entertainers?

I like to think that we are entertainers for sure, it brings a lot of entertainment when the race is close and you don’t know who is going to win.

10) What is your middle finger policy on the racetrack?

I honestly don’t care for this policy, but we know someone is going to do it. It can bring a little fun to the race, so I can take it or leave it.

11) Kyle McCormick, Joanna Ryba, and Lisa Hawker have all retired or moved to the lower series in the last couple years. What’s your pitch for fans of theirs to become fans of yours?

If they want to follow someone who will win it all, they better become fans of mine.

That almost sounds like a challenge.

It is.

12)  I’ll be asking each driver to give me a question for the next interview. Since this is the first 12 questions, there isn’t a question from a previous driver. So I’ll ask this: Some drivers keep a payback list in their minds. Do you also have a list for drivers who have done you a favor on the track?

Yes, I do. It has to be something big though, at least that way I can remember.

What’s something you’d consider big?

Not making me run into the wall or crash (laughs).

And do you have a question for the next interview? It’ll be with the Corvega Clash winner.

Do you enjoy what you do as a racer?


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