3 Takeaways from the Clash

3 Takeaways will be a weekly series, looking at three major headlines or events during the previous race weekend. The first edition follows the conclusion of the Corvega Clash.

  1. Practice Means Nothing at Plate Tracks. It’s important to note that practice at plate tracks, be it Daytona, Talladega, Rimouski, or Eight Bowl, typically means nothing toward the race. Sure you have a few guys who are fast and that carries over to the race, but generally it means nothing. The race was won, and arguably dominated by Joshua Wilkinson, who was 16th out of 21 cars in Friday’s lone 35 minute practice. Runner up Kirby Ammons is an even better example, who didn’t even get a lap in due to engine issues, and spent practice in the garage changing engines.
  2. The Corvega Cup Series is BACK IN ACTION! After a exceptionally long, and enduring wait, the off season has finally ended, and racing is back! Best of all, if the Clash is any indication, this season looks to be an exciting one!
  3. Live Streaming of races needs work. The Clash was live streamed for the first time in event history, and not without issues. The broadcast had to be broken up into three separate streams, and the stream quality was very low – likely due to the Facebook Live platform used for streaming. This will need to be fixed if the Duels, Trucks Series, Nuka-Cola Series, and Daytona 500 are going to be streamed too. Likely will see those over on YouTube.

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