Howard, Dugan Jr. on Daytona 500 Front Row, Duel Line Ups Set

TJ Howard and Kevin Dugan Jr. will lead the field to green for the 6th Annual Daytona 500. Both Ford drivers were among six Ford teams to advance to the second round of qualifying. Those six Ford teams were among the Top-7 fastest, with Alexi Alejandra’s Toyota splitting the Ford teams in half.

Qualifying created some unique situations, four in fact, as speeds were so close between teams, that four ties occurred, including for the Pole. Per FASCAR League rules, ties in qualifying are broken by Owner’s Points, and since the first three races go off of last season, the 2014-2015 season’s Owners Points were used. This is how TJ Howard took the pole, after posting an identical time to Kevin Dugan Jr, of 49.401.

Owners Points also determines who has a shot at making the Daytona 500. Here is a breakdown of who gets in:

Positions 1-2 are determined already, by Daytona 500 qualifying, so that’s TJ Howard and Kevin Dugan Jr.

Positions 3-32 are determined in the Duels. The Top-15 from both races will fill these spots, with Duel 1 determining the odd positions for the Daytona 500 line up, and Duel 2 determining even positions.

33-36 will be determined by the fastest four qualifying times, not already in by the Top-15 in each Duel. Josh Snyder, Alexi Alejandra, Kimberly McCasland, and Joe Reynolds would be the first four in line, should they not finish in the Top-15 for their respective Duel. If all four of these drivers finish in the Top-15, Maria Jacoby, Valerie Cabanilla, Dallas Whitaker, and Casey Blandford can fall back on their time if necessary.

37-41: These five positions will be determined by last season’s Owner’s Points, who are not already in based on the above criteria.

The 42nd and final position goes to the most recent past Champion that doesn’t qualify based on the above criteria. If there is no past Champion available, then it goes to the 6th car based on last season’s Owner’s Points. Jay Pfluke would be the most recent, and first eligible, if needed. Then Joe Reynolds, Matthew Adams, Brendan Wolkowicz, and Ben Smith would be the next in line should they need it.

Daytona 500 Qualifying Results

Budweiser Duel 1 Line Up

Budweiser Duel 2 Line Up

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