Mike Smith Narrowly Escapes Crash to Win Las Vegas

Mike Smith led a race high 136 laps at Las Vegas, and won the race. But he almost didn’t.

Smith was among many involved in a large crash in turns 3 and 4, that took place over the course of two laps, as caution lights malfunctioned and failed to alert drivers to slow down. Despite the damage, and the potential for a Green-White-Checkered finish looming, Smith remained on the race track, holding the lead as FASCAR officials decided to call the race under yellow, as a portion of the track had damage from the crash, and would require lengthy repairs to finish the remaining four laps.

The crash, started after Pamela Stanley was turned around in turn 3, and collected Eileen Barnes and others, while Carlos Powell was also turned behind the initial crash, collecting more cars. In all, nine drivers failed to finish the race due to the crash.

Dalton McCaffrey, Taylor Eddy, Joey Taylor, and Dillon Young would round out the Top-5.

The race featured just two caution periods, the second ended the race while the first produced a scary incident between Mary West and Brandon Athan, which sent Athan barrel-rolling several times down the front stretch.

The series heads to the Phoenix International Raceway next week.


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