Three Takeaways From Auto Club

3 Takeaways will be a weekly series, looking at three major headlines or events during the previous race weekend.

A clean start to the season – how long can it last? Once again at Auto Club we saw just two caution periods. When you consider how chaotic the start to last season was, it’s a rather impressive feat. I have a feeling the streak will end after the next race, which takes place at Eight Bowl Superspeedway. Eight Bowl had a Green-White-Checkered finish in two of the four events at the track, with last season’s finish being the wildest so far. Joseph Tanner scored the win last year, while the Big One took out most of the field in turn 3. Both races that featured a GWC finish, also had six or more cautions. Something to keep in mind as we head to the figure eight shaped super speedway.

The wave around process needs work. During the Cup race at Auto Club, the second caution waved during the middle of green flag pit stops, leading to about half of the field getting the wave around to get back on the lead lap. This is great and all, but FASCAR and League Officials need to be looking at this process. During the wave around, John Williams ended up ahead of the pace car, and slowed down so the pace car could get ahead and he could line up in second, where he was running at the time. While wave around cars were passing the leaders, Williams slowed near the outside wall at the exit of turn two, and was ran into by a much faster Britton Baker in the process, causing five other drivers to get damage. While most drivers continued despite the incident, a few big names, including pole winner Alexi Alejandra and Las Vegas winner Joe Reynolds, ended up in the garage. Williams, Alejandra, and Reynolds were among those who lost the most positions in points as a result of their poor finishes.

Off week ahead. The Corvega Cup Series has it’s first of three off weekends this week. It gives teams a chance to assess the first five races of the season, as well as a chance to prepare for the long haul ahead, as the next break doesn’t happen until Christmas weekend. The Red Rocket Truck Series and Nuka-Cola Series race however. The Red Rocket Truck Series races at the Levi Strauss Speedway, while the Nuka-Cola Series heads into Canada to attempt the tricky Canadian Tire Motorsports Park road course.

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