Kremer Takes Exciting Levi-Strauss Win

Alex Kremer scored his first career Red Rocket Truck Series win at Levi Strauss Speedway, leading the final 97 laps of the race, taking the lead after Brianna Stiles crashed with lapped traffic on a restart. Paige Sitte, who flew into the catch fence in the Atlanta race, finished 2nd, while Mick Schultz, Josh Snyder, and Brittany Bushnell finished out the Top-5.

The fast paced race was one of the fastest on record for the series, with the 200 lap distance completed in just over an hour at 61 minutes, 7 seconds.

Pole winner Dillon Young led the opening 93 laps, losing the lead after a wreck in turn 2 forced Young to take evasive action, although still getting swept up in the crash. Brianna Stiles would then take the lead for a lap, losing that to Mick Schultz on pit road. Stiles would retake the lead shortly after the restart, only to get caught in a crash with lapped traffic a few laps later, handing the lead to Kremer who led unchallenged until the end of the race.

The first caution flew on lalp 94, when Jim Dilbeck and Justin Dill collected leader Dillon Young in turn 2 on the back stretch. As the old saying goes “cautions breed cautions” as two additional yellows flew in quick succession. Gosia Hausen wrecked out in the second of those cautions, while Joshua Wilkinson and Jared Puckett went behind the wall in the third caution of the race. The final two cautions came at lap 184 and 190 respectively, one for debris, while the other for Danny Morgan’s car which experienced a brake failure in turn 3.

The Series heads to Eight Bowl Super Speedway for it’s 88 lap feature at the Figure Eight track.

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